Along 40 participants — from 25 countries — in Google Creative Campus 2020, I participated in a brief on how race, identity and culture fuels our role as creatives. We worked in groups and pitched to senior Googlers about how Google can have a long lasting impact in the global fight for racial equity.
The project was developed during 8 weeks in 2020 and our group was awarded with 'Strongest Insight' 🏆
Make Google a key player in the fight against racism.

Currently, in the US, a dollar spent in the Asian community circulates within that community for 28 days, in the white community it’s 17 days. For the black community, it's 6 hours.

A platform that gives visibility to black-owned businesses to extend the lifespan of a dollar in the black community.

The black community in the US alone have the buying power
of $1.3 trillion, 2% is spent on black owned businesses. If just
the middle class consumers within that community
increased their spending to 7%, it would create 1 million more
jobs in the black community.
 The time $1 spends in a asian, white and black community.​​​​​​​
We came up with a platform that allows easy search for black-owned businesses. It has two main aspects: a B2C side - where consumers can find businesses easily - and B2B side - where businesses connect and collaborate with others.
They can apply for grants and Google’s digital skills training to help them promote their businesses better. Google can also partner up with NGOs that have been working on this issue for a long time (e.g. U.S. Black Chambers).​​​​​​
How do we promote this?

Lifespan of a dollar (30'' ad) — showcasing the 6 hours lifespan of a dollar in the black community. The ad features the POV of a Dollar bill being passed from black person to black person circulating in-between different black businesses and ends with the dollar being passed to a white hand. The super comes in to explain the different times the dollar spends in the communities.
Behind the Business (black-owned business owners stories in video format) — where we tell the story of the businesses featured in "Lifespan of a dollar" and how the Black Owned platform helped them.
Out-of-Home ads highlighting local businesses — advertise the Black Owned platform with billboards that specifically highlight local black-owned businesses, giving a more personal approach to the businesses and motivating even more of them to sign up.
Black Owned Market (Event) — create a physical “Black Owned Market”, a pop up style local markets that gives small and undiscovered businesses a light to shine in the center of major cities.

Ade Coker (UK)
Carlota Real (Portugal) 
Jimi Visser (Netherlands)
Kai West Schlosser (Germany)
Slaveya Kovacheva (Bulgaria)
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