Cultural Revolution for FNAC Portugal
We live in a time where technology and algorithms close doors to novelty. Fortunately, 25 years ago, FNAC unknowingly opened a window onto the culture and the world.
25 years later, that window has become a home for all those who seek in art, literature or music their way of cultivating difference.
And today we make an ode to the cultural revolution that is experienced there on a daily basis.
Creative Directors: Vasco Thomaz, Pedro Lima
Art Director: Carlota Real
Copywriter: Ruben de Barros, Francisco Machado
Account Manager: Mirella Payola

Production Company
Director: Pedro Pinto
DOP: Bernardo Lima Infante
Executive Producers: João Vilela, Ricardo Estevão
Production Managers: Alexandra Ribeiro, Ana Ribeiro
Casting Director: Eva Queiroz de Matos
Editor: Júlio Lobo
Original Music: Sérgio Godinho
Post Production and Grading: Íngreme Post Production
Sound Studio: Som de Lisboa
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