About me
Carlota, 24. Moved from Lisbon to Amsterdam and traded the sun all year round for all those rainy winters. Basically, a failed tennis player that accidentally became an art director. 
In my free time, you can catch me cooking. Hating peas. Loving Brazilian tropicália. Liking wine. BTW I have the best Uber stories. Also, a wannabe DJ who wants to be like Kim Gehrig.

May 2024 - 
August 2022 - April 2024
Fuel (Havas Group)
April 2021 - August 2022

Roger Hatchuel Academy | Cannes Lions
Jun 2021
Audiovisual and Multimedia (ESCS)
Sep 2018 - Jun 2021

1x Bronze 🥉 |  Young Lions Global 2023 (Print)
1x Gold 🥇 |  Young Lions Portugal 2023 (Print)
1x Shortlist |  El Ojo de Iberoamerica 2022 (Nuevos Talentos)
1x Silver 🥈 |  Young Lions Portugal 2022 (Print)
1x Silver 🥈 |  Eurobest Young Creatives Competition 2021
1x Silver 🥈 |  2020 Summit Creative Awards
1x Gold 🥇 |  Roger Hatchuel Academy 20/21 (Young Lions Portugal)

E-mail carlotadiasreal@gmail.com
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