About me
Two years ago I went to live in Lisbon, where I traded freezing winters for the sun all year round. I'm a graphic designer trying to make it in the ad industry while finishing university. I like to dream in pixels and vectors because sleeping is not my thing. I express myself better in Adobe's language than here trying to say something relevant, because biographies, after all, are for important people. You can find me in a hippy cafe listening to bossa nova while working (or trying). I own eleven plants, but zero pets (does my computer count?).

Google Creative Campus 2020 / Pitched to Google Executives
Young Lions Portugal / Roger Hatchuel Academy '20 and '21 Representative
"Silver" in 2020 Summit Creative Awards / Student Competition
EDP University Challenge 2019 / Local group winner
'Sophia Estudante' Awards 2019 / Graphic Identity

You can have a look at my CV here.
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