Recruiting Books for FNAC
The pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the looming crisis have brought great anxiety to the Portuguese. As a result, the search for self-help books has intensified. Making it one of the areas of greatest demand within FNAC and on (256.855 units sold in the last year).
After all, it is in them that people seek the answer to their most existential questions and problems. Namely the one that continues to haunt the minds of young people - unemployment.
How could FNAC use this growth in the self-help books section as a way to help fight unemployment?

ECD: Vasco Thomaz, Pedro Lima
Creative Directors: Vasco Thomaz, Pedro Lima
Art Director: Carlota Real
Copywriter: Ruben de Barros​​​​​​​

One of the books where you could find your next job at FNAC

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