Hack the game. Plant a tree IRL for Young Lions Print Competition (Bronze)
Let's get people's attention by using Minecraft as a source of inspiration. Because if people in this game already invest in planting trees without gaining anything in return, why not use them as an example – for everybody - of what they could be gaining if they invested the same, but in the real world? Showing that you can build a new map for nature while thinking about yourself.
If there is one place where people care most about planting trees, it is Minecraft — the best-selling game of all time. A game where people invest a lot in building as many trees as possible to create a perfect virtual world. So, if people do it online, without making anything out of it, why not start doing it in the real world with EcoTree? To that end, we use this game to show our target, that by investing in nature with EcoTree they can realize the value - financial and vital - of nature.

Art Director: Carlota Real
Copywriter: Maria Branco
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